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-          First tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm in my third year of teaching and am based in historic Canterbury. I'm a proud Essex boy, growing up on the Costa del Southend. I share a house with my beautiful wife (@Mrs_B_Reading) and a cocker spaniel pup who is a gorgeous pain in the bottom.

-          1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?

Teaching really just happened to me. I worked part-time in a school during a church 'gap year', then applied to be a TA following that. While doing that I caught the teaching bug! If I could do anything else it would probably be appearing on the TV show Horrible Histories.

-          No makeup needed?

-          2. What advice would you give for newcomers to twitter?

I would advise them to 'join the conversation' and not to worry about appearing like an expert. Most of us take more than we give on here and no-one is an expert at everything. Joining conversations like #primaryrocks helped me find my place and have my say on several edu-issues. Also, on a pragmatic front, try not to get drawn into anything negative that you wouldn't in real-life - remember what we teach our children about the online world! Sometimes the right thing to say is nothing at all :)

I started third person then went into second...feel free to edit that. I speak english good!

-          That sound ok.

-          3. What are your passions?

Other than my faith and my aforementioned wife, History is right up there. That was my degree and first love due to Horrible Histories and Time Team; BBC History mag dropping through the letterbox is always a highlight of the month! Second, I initially joined Edutwitter to help me explore and share children's literature, so reading is also a big passion of mine. I track my reading journey (and other musings) at http://MrBReads.wordpress.com. Lastly I would say music. I learned guitar at 15 and whilst I'm not as good as I should be 15 years on, I do love a jam!

-          My favourite is blackberry.

-          4. What has been your favourite lesson ever?

I love teaching History so it would probably be one of those! One which springs to mind is a lesson where the children categorised and ranked reasons for the Viking invasions and settlement of Britain, feeding into our enquiry question, 'How vicious were the Vikings?'. The children ultimately responded in the form of a letter inviting their Viking peers to join the invasion, and the character that lots of them took on was hilarious! Nothing flash, not a particularly 'wow' lesson. Just good learning.

-          5. Who should play you in the film of your life?

I've been compared to Hugh Grant in the past, so whilst I would love to say someone super manly like Dwayne Johnson or Will Smith, I think I'll have to go for Mr 'Whoopsie-Daisy' himself! He'd need to get his hair-curlers out though!

-          6. What is the best/worst teaching advice you’ve heard?

Best I heard on my PGCE placement was, 'every teacher feels like they're going to be found out.' Now whether that's totally accurate or not, it's certainly helped me through my  'imposter syndrome' moments!

 In terms of worst...I don't recall an awful one, but I would just say weigh up any advice you're given for yourself and your class as there are lots of fads, phases and easy-fixes being sold out there in the edu-world!

-          7. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?

Oooh that is both a brilliant and an unexpected question...

-          Thanks, all my own work.

A fountain pen - an instrument of creativity, a throwback to a bygone, classy era...and not particularly practical for everyday tasks!

-          Interesting. I loved using a fountain pen at school. We should bring them back.

-          8. What's your most controversial opinion?

I hate butterflies. I think they are showy and try (successfully) to pull the wool over people's eyes, making us think they're beautiful despite their horrible buggy faces and erratic, flitting movements. They're nothing but well-dressed moths. It's about time somebody called them out publicly so thank you for the opportunity!

-          Shocking.

-          9. Which 4 living people would you invite to dinner?

First up, footballer David Luiz. The man, the myth, the hairdo. Then I think I'd go musical. Nick Brewer is my, nay, the world's favourite Christian-tinged Grime Artist. We'd have a crazy post-dinner jam with Matt Thiessen, lead singer of pop-punk group Relient K. The evening would be illustrated by Shaun Tan, whose work I utterly adore!

If it were dead or alive, I'd just invite C. S. Lewis over on four different occasions...

-          What an eclectic mix!

-          10. What would you like to be remembered for?

As an historian, it's easy for me to fall into the desire to be remembered for very public reasons and become disillusioned when things don't work out. So when all is said and done, I think I want to be remembered as somebody who faithfully made a difference to others' lives in whatever situation I am placed.

That, or a rock star ;)

-          Beautiful.

-          Finally….Who would you nominate for an interview?

Ooh have you done @amazing_muggle or @MrCYear4 yet??


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