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A bbc Interview with @positivteacha

My name’s Matt Pinkett, and I’m a Head of English in Guildford. Been teaching since 2012 and currently writing a book on Masculinity in Schools with Mark Roberts (@mr_englishteach) 1. What made you become a teacher? Without a doubt, the reason I’m a teacher is my year 7 English teacher, Mr. Honeyford. I’d love to be able to tell you that we all hated him at the time, but realised years later that he was the reason I can recite most of Shakespeare’s sonnets from memory, but I can’t remember a single thing he taught me. He was just cool: I think he used to say ‘crap’ in lessons. And he loved teaching, that much was clear. After him, there were a few other figures who meant a lot. Mario Scanella and Phil Stock were both teachers from my school that I really admired. And Miss George, Miss Burt and Miss Harrison were great too. This answer is so common. Good teachers make more teachers. 2. What has been best thing you have done at work this year? The best thing? There