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A bbc Interview with @raesnape

My name is Rae Snape , I am the Headteacher of The Spinney Primary School in Cambridge which is a Whole Education Partner School and an Ashoka Changemaker School. I am a National Leader of Education and lead The Kite Teaching School Alliance Cambridge. I have been a member of the Primary Headteacher’s Reference Group at the DFE since 2010. I am a Regional Advocate for the Chartered College of Teaching. I initiated an Arts Council’s Cultural Education Partnership called My Cambridge and am on the Arts Mark Levelling panel for Arts Council England. I am the CEO designate of Cambridgeshire Innovation Trust a new trust for collaborative, innovative and creative schools in the Cambridgeshire area. What made you become a teacher? Being a teacher runs in the family! My Mum, Deirdre was a section 11 teacher, I am very proud of her. Her work made a huge difference to thousands of children in Staffordshire that were newly arriving into the country and who were new to English. One of my e

A BBC Interview with @Mrs_ipad_W

I'm @Mrs_iPad_W , Heather Wright, born and bred in Anfield, Liverpool, but in an Everton supporting family! I teach at The District CE Primary School in Newton le Willows. I'm a y5 teacher and Y4-y6 team leader. What made you become a teacher? I didn't always want to be a teacher. At one stage, I thought I was going to become a physiotherapist and chose my a levels with that in mind. But I changed my mind at the last minute, when it came to applying for university places. Thank goodness! I think I would've made a terrible physio!!! I'd done quite a bit of youth work at that point, leading a Sunday school class and volunteering at mid week clubs. I just knew I was patient with children and I loved spending time with them. I loved preparing activities for them to enjoy. One of the best decisions I ever made to join our profession! What is your favourite part of the job? It most definitely has to be the children. Those moments of magic when a spark i