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A bbc Interview with Beth Bennett

Today´s interview is with Beth Bennett @f33lthesun. Tell us a bit about yourself... A Scot in Yorkshire (via 13 years in that there London) I trained in Glasgow, my first teaching practice was in the Gorbals and after graduating I moved to London to teach. I have taught from Nursery up to Year 6 and even done a bit of caretaking when needed. I have just completed my 30th year of teaching and my 19th as Deputy Head. I have also been SENCo alongside this for the past 6 years and it is this path I have chosen to follow in my next move, to Parklands (not sure if anyone knows anything about this particular school) in September. Outside of teaching, I love football, golf, the sea, Greek Islands, and BOOKS. I teach children. I guess that´s what we all aspire to do, sometimes things get in the way. What made you become a teacher?          -  It is in my genes. Both my parents were teachers. My mum was a primary teacher and she taught me in my final year of primary (P7 in Scotland)

A bbc Interview with Paul Jenkins @teacherwriterPJ

Paul Jenkins is a former Head of Secondary Drama, now full-time writer and performance Poet delivering workshops in schools of all shapes and sizes throughout the country.  What made you become a teacher?        -  It may sound a bit mercenary but I have to be honest - it was sheer bribery. I was looking for a new direction after emigrating from Essex to Lancashire in 2002 (they may as well be different countries as far as my Mum is concerned) and Gordon Brown was addressing the teacher shortage by dangling a range of different financial carrots to incentivise new teachers into the profession. Training bursaries, golden hellos and rewards for staying in the state sector were all on the table. English & Drama were classed as shortage subjects and as I was an actor/performer the chance to have my student loan slowly paid off over ten years was too big an opportunity to pass up. I enrolled on a brand new performing arts PGCE course that was being delivered by Liverpool Hope &am

A bbc Interview with Joshua Annis-Brown

Joshua Annis-Brown is a Year 4 (formerly Year 6), Maths and Computing Lead at a Primary School in Leeds. He´s a shy, solitary soul, so if I talk quietly he may well answer my questions. Imagine this interview in my best David Attenborough whisper.  What made you become a teacher? - To be honest, for a long while I had promised to never become a teacher - especially when at 6th form as I remembered how difficult it was for some of my class teachers when I was younger... After studying sport and exercise science at uni I really enjoyed the aspect of working with children during our second year. I then did a work experience placement at my old high school in the PE department and enjoyed that too. After finishing Uni I had a year of work and not doing much before I did work with a supply agency as a cover supervisor. It was excellent and I taught in high schools and for a while in PRU (frightening but eye-opening experience at 22!). I then worked as a TA in a primary and