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#bbcinterview with @andykeegan

-           First tell us about yourself. Where do I begin? Hi, my name’s Andrew, I’m 35 and I live in Cwmafan which is a village in South Wales, but I grew up on the Wirral. I’m a musician at heart, and actually that’s how I got into teaching because whilst at uni in Liverpool I started teaching children brass in the Everton valley and never looked back. I’ve had many different roles in education, both in primary and secondary settings, including a head of department role in a large secondary school, but I’m now a year 4 teacher in charge of Maths and Expressive Arts at a lovely little school in Swansea. My spare time is taken up with my family, and brass banding (which is pretty busy in South Wales!) I always wanted to be a composer growing up, so I keep my hand in by writing works for the band I currently play for. I’m also a runner, and pre-lockdown was training for ultra-marathons, but will have to make do with running round the block for now! -           1. Why teaching

#bbcinterview with @lwilliamsjones

-           First, tell us about yourself. 33, Welsh living in Kent. Work as an Assistant Head in a 2 and half form entry school. Been teaching 10 years. Lead on Maths but have a passion for the curriculum too. Am well into music, rugby and gaming -           1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher? So if I wasn’t a teacher, I might well have pursued a career as a professional rugby player. Played up to a decent level then got injured in my early 20s which effectively ended that . If not, would love a career as a singer/ songwriter I was in uni doing media and politics thinking about some sort of career in the media. I was a bit of a lost sheep and I remember sitting in my room in my final weeks thinking right - what can I do that could be put to use in a profession?! Music, sport so on - it was a lightbulb moment - I literally stood up and went ‘of course primary teaching’ then I thought back to Kevin Phellps - my legend of a Y6 teacher and realised

#bbcinterview with @misssdoherty

                - First tell us about yourself. Ooh gosh, that’s a big question. I hope they get easier. I am Shannen, I am 28. I’ve been teaching for five years in LKS2 in three schools. I am maths and PSHE lead with some joint dabbling in assessment too. I live in South London. I think that’s everything! -           1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher? My decision to be a teacher is an incredibly uncool story. I looked up at my Y4 teacher (shout out to Miss Stanton) and thought she was so cool and clearly loved her job a lot. So I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I started teaching dance to littl’uns when I was 13 and loved it and it all just took off from there! I did work experience in schools and knew it was for me so kept on going until I was there. When I was a child, I was convinced I could be a lawyer, teacher and dolphin trainer all at once so I’d obviously be a dolphin training lawyer if I weren’t teaching. Or some kind of perfo

#bbcinterview with @MissNCleveland

- First tell us about yourself. I'm a mum, HLTA & School Librarian in a primary school in Coventry, and according to my son, I'm quite old. - Harsh. 1. Why work in schools? What would you be if you weren’t a HLTA? Holidays, obviously! Kidding, have you seen how much more expensive it is to jet off in August? I worked in Human Resources after university, in a training college for a large telecoms company before moving to an education charity. Weeks spent supporting some inspirational candidates on their NPQH residentials got me thinking that I might enjoy supporting children more than adults. I changed career after my son was born, the plan being to get a few year's experience as a TA before training to be a teacher. But, I loved being a TA, and as a newly single mum, needed to be there for my son outside of school hours so teacher training wasn't a practical option. I went for HLTA status instead and haven't looked back since being given respo

#bbcInterview2 with @emmccatt

-           First, tell us a bit about yourself. I live in London and I teach in an inner city South East London school, which I absolutely love. KS1 and EYFS is where my heart lies. Being in a one form entry school I'm a bit of a Jill of all trades. I'm currently EYFS/KS1 lead and Maths and Art lead. I haven't always been a teacher. It wasn't actually something I seriously thought I could do until my mid twenties. I'd always thought about teaching in the back of my mind, but had never seriously considered it. When Schools Direct launched, with the support of my boyfriend I decided to go for it!   Feminism, early learning and an obsessive love of all things cat related pretty much sum me up. - You had me until the cat thing. Interview cancelled. Oh come on, you've seen my cat. He's adorable. - 1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher? I haven't always been a teacher. It wasn't actually something I seriously thought

#bbcInterview2 with @paulwat5

-           First, tell us about yourself. I've been teaching since 2005 after making the change from being a plater. So instead of a life working on oil rigs, I plumped for the classroom. I'm from the small town of Hartlepool in the North East and have taught in Middlesbrough and Sunderland as well as my hometown. I organise education events in the North East BrewEdToon and Total Teaching.   One I get tipsy during and the other most definitely after. Oh, and as cheesy as this sounds - I love being a teacher. -           Not cheesy at all. #NobleCalling -           1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher? I'd have stuck at plating. My dad is a plater and it's good money; more than teaching put it that way. I'd have loved to be a comic book artist but didn't have the talent. Why teaching? I got to the end of my apprenticeship and didn't fancy sticking with plating so my girlfriend (now wife) suggested I give this a go. Chee