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A bbc Interview with Anoara Mughal

Welcome to today´s bbc Interview. Let me introduce Anoara Mughal, Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Teacher at Willow Brook Primary School, London, integral member of the Healthy Teacher Toolkit wellbeing organisation and #TMPicnic organiser. Tell us a little about yourself.  I enjoy taking on new challenges and being competitive as it keeps my mind stimulated and refreshed. I had been Team leader in year 6 for three years and got bored after 98% achieved two levels of profress. Having a passion for language and leadership development, I took on whole school leadership challenge and became Literacy Lead and a year 5 teacher. During this time I got bored again and organised my own CPD mostly through Twitter, which has led me to become an Assistant Headteacher. What made you become a teacher? After obtaining a degree in Biological Sciences, I went into retail sales, got bored then became a Bed Manager. It was a very interesting job which mainly involved telling consultants