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Mantle of the Expert 3: Marine Biologist

After the minor successes of the previous Mantle, I finally had time to sit and write the childrens' writing which was inspired by the Mantle process. My word. It happened to be the best writing they have done all year. A big surprise after feeling like the Mantle was inadequate. The children had written fantastic opening paragraphs to their letter to Theresa May. Full of emotion and entreaties on behalf of 'the fisherman'. After discussions with the rest of the NEU Mantle Group, I decided to build on last week's Mantle with a more ambitious task. The Client: A Marine Biologist whose life work has been studying a particular family of Sea Turtles The Commission: Rescuing the family of Sea Turtles from their impending collision with an island of litter off the coast of America The Responsible team: Newly formed 'Problem Solvers Ltd.' A group with a very particular set of skills (to paraphrase Liam Neeson). With a spell of good weather, I decided to t