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Lead Learn Lancs 2017: A Review

Lead Learn Lancs 2017 Lead Learn Lancs 2016 was a watershed moment for my teaching career. It was my first venture into a Twitter (In Real Life) Conference. I was first introduced properly to Literacy Shed with @redgierob (Rob Smith), first met the irrepresible @isright (Mike) and also the lovely @flymygeekflag (Sarah Bedwell). It was also the first time since University that I felt what I call ´full´. In life and in faith/spirituality whatever you want to call it, sometimes we fall foul of allowing ourselves to become empty. Empty of inspiration, passion, energy, enthusiasm. As teachers I think we stand at most risk of becoming empty, as our job is to fill up others. I definitely felt that way before last year´s conference. But making my way to sunny Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire, I felt full for the first time in years. Re-engaged, re-enthused, re-inspired… you get the drift. Fast forward to this year´s conference and I found myself not only leading a workshop, but having encoura