A bbc interview with @mr_p_hillips

Welcome to the first interview. The idea behind these informal interviews is to highlight some of the lesser-known faces of Edu-Twitter. We all know the big shots with their branded websites, over-priced books and over-inflated egos. But do you know the humble, work-a-day, ordinary folks who make Twitter their home?

Do you know Chris Dyson´s favourite colour? (Yorkshire White)

Who wouldn't want to know Simon Smith's favourite crisp flavour? (Salt and pepper)

Can you live without knowing what drives THE Colin Grimes' passion for education?

Find out all this and more in the @bbcTeaching Interviews.

First up is my friend and lexicographical wizard @mr_p_hillips.

Jack Phillips is a Primary school teacher. He currently teaches Year 4 and is fascinated by words. He shares his passion through his blog verbivoreblog.wordpress.com. You can visit his workshop at Lead Learn Lancs 2017 to hear more about his use of Vocabulary in the classroom, tickets available now: leadlearnlancs.wordpress.com.

What made you become a teacher?

- Mr. Wood. A brilliant teacher I had in Y5. From that year, I wanted to be a teacher like him.

I think lots of teachers would answer in a similar way.

What is your favourite part of the job?

- Those random conversations you have with the kids, that are often hilarious.

What has been best thing you have done at work this year?

- Showing off with words. The kids have really taken to it, and we've had a great year with vocabulary.

What is the most frustrating thing about teaching at the moment?

- Nick Gibb.

The less said, the better.

What songs would be on your driving to work playlist?

- Anything by The Cribs.

Check out The Cribs - Men´s Needs www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeSDJy9hYzE

What is the funniest thing a child has ever said/written in your class?

- It's a bit rude, but there is one standout moment. Child: What do you think of my artwork? Me: Erm, I think it looks like you've put a lot of effort into it. Child: Really? I think it looks like a bumhole.

Children are nothing but honest.

What is your guilty pleasure?

- Songs that society tells me a twenty-five-year-old man shouldn't be listening to.

My guess would be Britney.

If you weren´t a teacher, what would you be and why?

- Football analyst. I love football, and I love numbers too.

What are you passionate about (teaching-related or not)?

- Vocabulary development.

Strange answer for a man of few words.

If you had to pick one subject/topic to teach on a loop forever, what would it be?

- Does writing count?!

A particular part/theme/genre?

- Narratives.

What is the most effective resource/technology/app you use in the classroom?

- Seesaw. So, so easy to use, and quick, too.

What is the most effective routine/method/system you use in the classroom?

- That first fifteen minutes of the day. Smiles, morning activity, general chat.

What activities in particular?

- Vocabulary Ninja work!

If you had to pick 4 people (Twitter or otherwise) to invite to a dinner party who would it be and why?

            -  because she sounds like a good laugh.                for the conversations we could have about reading.               . An inspiring, intriguing man. Would love to pick his brains about teaching.                because we'd have ace conversations about words!

What is the best and worst advice you have been given as a teacher?

- Best: be consistent in everything you do. Worst: don't smile until Christmas.

Final Question: What drives you as a teacher?
- The kids. It's all about the kids. Teachers can, and do, regularly, change lives. I believe that can happen every day in schools. We don't just have nine months with these kids, a lot of them will stay with us, and a lot of them will remember us.
If you could choose one person who you´d love to have the bbc interview treatment, who would it be and why?

- I'd pick , I´d like to hear his views on writing, and he seems like a nice guy too.


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