A bbc Interview with Kulvinder Johal @kulvinderj

Kulvinder Johal is a Primary Teacher from Barking with 25 years experience. She teaches at a Multi-cultural school in Ilford, Essex. 

What is your favourite part of the job?

         - Making a difference...to the pupils and adults. Putting smiles on their faces through lessons and experiences.

What is the most frustrating thing about teaching at the moment?

         - Constant changes: in assessment, in curriculum. We are told one thing then advice changes to something else. Same with curriculum, too much change and not enough time to implement it before it changes again.

What songs would be on your driving to work playlist?

That's an odd one!  Coldplay Adventures of a lifetime; Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong; Kenny G, Sentimental; Frankie Valli, Can´t take my eyes off you; Bee Gees, How deep is your love. Cheerful, chilled-out songs.

What is your guilty pleasure?

         - Watching Movies 24 at the weekend to zone out and forget school, life, reality.

What is the most effective resource/technology/app you use in the classroom?

- The visualiser...from someone who used a black board when I first started teaching! The visualiser has taken away the need to have class copies of texts. Nice to have if you can afford them but it enables the flexibility to show pupil  work, editing, immediately.

If you had to pick 4 people (Twitter or otherwise) to invite to a dinner party who
would it be and why?

         - FDR...  a hero of mine. I would like his take on the war and on politics now. On how he coped with everything thrown at him. Luther Vandross...great entertainment for the party. I think I would want George Michael there too so I could tell him how loved he is. Lastly my bestie...so we could giggle and enjoy each other's company and the company of the other fine folk.

Final Question: What drives you as a teacher?

- What drives me...to be better as a teacher as a person. To be able to improve my self as a person and a teacher and a parent. So I can do the best I can do and not settle for what is OK.

If you could choose one person who you´d love to have the bbc interview treatment, who would it be and why?

I would like to hear from Jane Turner...Liz Lawrence...Stephen Hawking

No pressure!


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