#bbcInterview with @kateowbridge

-          First tell us about yourself.

So my name is Kate Owbridge, previously Kate Gilmore. I am 50 this summer and have been teaching since 1993 and a head since 2004. I am very close to my siblings: brother, sister. I love my nephew and nieces, walking in the countryside and Inspector Morse. I was brought up in south London where I lived for most of my life, but I now live in a Kentish hamlet with my partner Gary, a retired PE Head of Dept.

-          1. Why teaching? What would you be if you weren’t a teacher?

I wanted to be a fashion designer. I had all the ideas but I couldn’t sew well enough. Then I did work experience after my O levels in a Y3 class at a local school and I loved it. That was it.

If I had my time again? I always think I’d do something more exciting, but the truth is, I love teaching.

-          2. What advice would you give for newcomers to twitter?

Examine your motives. It’s easy to get sucked into “how many followers have I got?” being the most important thing.

If you do want followers then engage. Engage in tweets, put out your own, join hashtag groups like #primaryrocks and give as much as you take.

-          3. What are your passions?



Justice and fair play.


Helping people and seeing the impact, same as when you’re a teacher with your class, it’s like that with your staff as a head, or my nieces, or Pam the 91yo I befriend. Seeing Pam’s face when I dropped some cake round at Easter unexpectedly! There is nothing like that feeling of doing good for others. Does that make me a “do-gooder”? I’d rather be that than a “do-badder”.

-          4. What has been your favourite lesson ever?

A science lesson in y3 in the year 95/96. It was the one where I was teaching how light is not white but multi coloured by putting a prism in water and getting the light to shine through it.

It wasn’t the greatest lesson in the world but it was the last one of the day and a group of them ran out to their parents in the playground shouting “We split the light! We split the light!” Like they were Archimedes or something!

But the thing I teach best? Musical theatre. Ask my y6s of old. Little Shop of Horrors in 2011 was the best until last year when Lion King topped it.

-          5. Who should play you in the film of your life?

Easy- Caroline Quentin. It’s always been her since she was in men behaving badly. She is right size and demeanour. She’ll have to go ginger though, especially for the younger years scenes....

-          6. What is the best/worst teaching advice you’ve heard?

Best was to always put the children at the heart of all you do. It’s served me well for 27 years.

Worst? There’s so much. Probably anyone who spouts “there’s only this way of doing it” or words to that effect. Respond to the community and children that you serve. If I’ve learned on thing in 4 headships, it’s that. One size does not fit all. (That’s why I don’t like published schemes but that’s another story....)

-          7. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?

I’d be jewellery. Some pretty earrings or a pendant so I could travel about with my owner looking lovely and seeing the world with no responsibility!

-          8. What's your most controversial opinion?

That it is possible for people of colour to hold racist views.

Just as it is for white people, albeit differently for both.

(I had to think, “what do I not want to put out on twitter for fear of a big spat” !!!!

                - Not sure about that!

- 9. Which 4 living people would you invite to dinner?

My best and oldest friend


My first twitter friend


My curate


And my Gary.

                - #BeMoreGary

- 10. What would you like to be remembered for?

Being a generally good person, even if I do fall off the smoking wagon with a drink, and swear too much.

Finally….Who would you nominate for an interview?

I think...... Someone like Naureen.



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