#Serial Thrillers Beneath the Lightning Tree Chapter 1

The Prologue of the story introduced us to the Tree. In the middle of a mysterious island in the forest, the Tree had stood for hundreds of years. But what does it have to do with our story?

Chapter 1 – The Fairy Tree

The noises began again behind her. Moving quickly through the trees, she raced along the worn track, following in the footsteps of generations of people. When she found the tree she was looking for, Daisy grabbed hold of a low-hanging branch and threw herself up. She ascended the tree with the ease of years of practice, finally coming to a stop half way up. Settling just in time, Daisy held her breath as the noises came closer. Hushed voices and the sound of branches breaking reached her ears as the two boys came stumbling along the track. Both the boys were tall with dark hair. One was well ahead of the other, moving quickly along the track. The other moved reluctantly, dragging his feet and whinging. “Why are we doing this, Adam? Let’s just go back to school,” the second…

#SerialThrillers Beneath The Lightning Tree: Prologue

I've been writing a story on and off since last summer. Mostly off as being a full-time teacher and parent leaves very little time for anything else. I decided that after having picked up my pen again over Easter that I need to be pushed to write more to get this story finished. My idea was to serialise the story, much like Dickens did with Pickwick Papers and others. Asking someone to read my story as it stands (some 15,000 words at last count) isn't fair, although some people have graciously given their time to do that. However people might be willing to spend a couple of minutes each week to read one Chapter. Maybe they might even like it. Maybe they might look forward to the next one. Or maybe they might never want to read another word. Either way my story is out there. Then I realised that I know some other teacher/writers that might like to do the same thing. Safety in numbers is always positive. So I've started the #SerialThrillers hashtag so that people can share a…

A bbc Interview with @positivteacha

My name’s Matt Pinkett, and I’m a Head of English in Guildford. Been teaching since 2012 and currently writing a book on Masculinity in Schools with Mark Roberts (@mr_englishteach)
1. What made you become a teacher?
Without a doubt, the reason I’m a teacher is my year 7 English teacher, Mr. Honeyford. I’d love to be able to tell you that we all hated him at the time, but realised years later that he was the reason I can recite most of Shakespeare’s sonnets from memory, but I can’t remember a single thing he taught me. He was just cool: I think he used to say ‘crap’ in lessons. And he loved teaching, that much was clear.
After him, there were a few other figures who meant a lot. Mario Scanella and Phil Stock were both teachers from my school that I really admired. And Miss George, Miss Burt and Miss Harrison were great too.
This answer is so common. Good teachers make more teachers.
2. What has been best thing you have done at work this year?
The best thing?
There’s been a lot going on- I th…

A bbc Interview with @teacherglitter

Please introduce yourself, O Mother of Dragons.
Primary School Teacher of 14 years; currently in Year 5 but specialised in EYFS for many years before making the move to Upper KS2. Creative learning and child led hands on exploration (from early years days) has shaped my career and everything I do has an element of imagination, role play and creativity.

What made you become a teacher?

Teaching is in the family. My parents were both teachers; my Grandfather was a teacher (and Ofsted inspector but we will skim past that nugget) and my brother is a history teacher. I knew I would be pulled into it eventually but I also had a burning passion for the environment and decided to do an BSc in Environmental Biology instead. I worked in that sector for a while but when I had children, my desire to teach and support children as a career was ignited. I decided I wanted to be in school as much as possible, to get hands on experience, so embarked on the GTP route into teaching.

Sounds like an interestin…

A bbcInterview with Hannah Wilson @TheHopefulHT

Welcome to this year's first #bbcInterview. The format is the same as last year, just a little shorter. We begin by finding out more abouth @TheHopefulHT.
Hannah Wilson is the Executive Headteacher of  and . She is also Co-Founder & National Leader of .
What made you become a teacher?

Loved my subject - English. Wanted to be a writer, to do some travelling, seemed like a career that would take me places.

What has been best thing you have done at work this year?

I was the Director of our Shakespeare in Schools production of Midsummer’s Night Dream. We had only been open 3 months and 20+ Year 7s performed on stage in Oxford. They really impressed the audience & held their own against GCSE groups!
Sounds incredible. I think we learn more about our pupils in those situations than on any other. I conduct choirs and love performing with the children.

What 3 songs would be on your driving to work playlist?

Let’s Stay Together, Al Green. Footsteps o…